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The effort to verify tube performance during mechanical stress can also be very great. Pains should be taken to carefully specify the environmental stress that will actually be placed on the klystron. , sinusoidal sweeps). The difficulty of verifying electronic noise parameters while mechanical stress is applied should not be underestimated. Because klystrons operate at high voltages, voltage standoff and corona are concerns when operation at high altitude is required. As vacuum tubes, klystrons are not affected by radiation exposure (except for degradation of the mechanical properties of the assembly under conditions of extreme long-term exposure).

Unfortunately, gas will evolve from the walls of the 22 Brian Roach tube, especially during operation. Even a klystron with no leaks will suffer degradation of vacuum while on the shelf due to gas diffusion through the walls of the tube. Fortunately, klystrons will pump themselves to some degree during operation. However, in some cases, ion pumps or getters are specified. They are particularly recommended for large tubes, applications for which a fast turn-on after storage is required, or designs in which internal walls reach unusually high temperatures during operation.

Microwaves Microwaves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths much shorter than the wavelengths of the radio broadcast spectrum. They are given by the relationship A = C/f, where A is the wavelength in meters, f is the frequency in cycles per second (Hz), and C is the speed of light (3 x 108 m/s). Microwaves can be directed, much like water in a pipe, through coaxial lines or waveguides. Coaxial lines are two concentric metallic conductors separated by a nonconductor. They are often flexible but generally cannot transmit large amounts of power.

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