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By Catherine Allen

Following within the footsteps of Gale's acclaimed Grzimek's Animal existence Encyclopedia, second Ed., Grzimek's scholar Animal lifestyles Resource bargains huge, complete insurance of the animal nation, starting from the straightforward -- sponges and corals -- to the complicated -- mammals. during this 20-volume set, animals are grouped by means of significant classifications: sponges; corals; jellyfishes; segmented worms; crustaceans and mollusks; bugs; fishes; amphibians; reptiles birds; and mammals.

In addition, this pupil version contains an outline with images and illustrations, and is found in each one quantity of the set. The "Words to understand" part supplies a pronunciation and definition in the textual content to clinical or different tricky phrases and names. additionally integrated during this model are the Species checklist by way of Biome and Species record through Geographic diversity.

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See Spiny rats Echinococcus granulosus. See Dog tapeworms Echinocyamus pusillus. ) Echinoderms, CJ 206, CM 243 Echinoidea. See Sand dollars Echinosorex gymnura. See Malayan moonrats Echiura. See Echiurans Echiurans, CM 50–55 Echolocation in bats, M 2: 280 mantids and, I 1: 136 Echymipera rufescens. ) Eclectus roratus. See Eclectus parrots Ecotourism, B 1: 68, B 2: 311 Ecribellate spiders, I 1: 17 Ectobius duskei. See Russian steppe cockroaches Ectophylla alba. See White bats Ectoprocta. See Ectoprocts Ectoprocts, CM 311–316 Ectothermic animals, R 1: 2 See also specific animals Ecuador Cochran frogs, A 2: 242–243, 245, 246–247 Ecuadorian marsupial frogs.

See Grant’s desert golden moles Eremophila alpestris. See Horned larks Erethizon dorsatum. See North American porcupines Erethizontidae. See New World porcupines Erie Canal, F 6 Erinaceidae. See Gymnures; Hedgehogs Erinaceus europaeus. ) Erythrina polychaeta, CM 4 Esacus magnirostris. See Beach thick-knees Eschrichtiidae. See Gray whales Eschrichtius robustus. See Gray whales Eskimo curlews, B 2: 397, 456 Esociformes. See Mudminnows; Pikes Esox masquinongy. See Muskellunges Estivation, turtles and, R 1: 65, 96 Estrilda astrild.

See Channel catfishes Icteria virens. See Yellowbreasted chats Icteridae. See New World blackbirds; Orioles Icterus galbula. ) Indian tiger frogs, A 2: 287 Indicator archipelagicus. See Malaysian honeyguides Indicatoridae. ) Indri indri. See Indris Indriidae. ) Infantfishes, stout, F 318 Inia geoffrensis. See Botos Iniidae. See Botos Inocellia crassicornis. See Schummel’s inocelliid snakeflies Insecticides, B 1: 135 Insectivora. ) great, B 4: 955 green, B 4: 957 Marshall’s, B 4: 956 Iranian jerboas, M 5: 1047 Irena puella.

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