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Published via the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Special courses Series.

The final years have witnessed many significant geophysical occasions akin to the Loma Prieta earthquake, new insights into plate motions, new seismic and mid?]ocean ridge observational courses, and new perspectives of a far off plant. the next sampling of stories in geophysics starts with the world's private rocks and ends with robust blast waves from significant sunlight flares and the dramatic discoveries of Voyager 2. In among those occasions is a wealthy continuum of inquiry and statement into the dynamics of our surroundings and a look for connections between its components.

The articles in Geophysics information 1990 have been initially written in line with a request by way of the yank Institute of Physics for contributions by means of its member societies to its e-book of Physics information in 1990. Condensed models of a few of those articles have seemed in Physics News. besides the fact that, within the absence of a related book committed completely to a precis of stories in geophysics, we provide the gathering of AGU's complete submission of articles. we are hoping you will discover this to be an invaluable and stimulating resource of knowledge.


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The significanceof the new parallelprecursorpulse is that no known plasmawavetravelsthis fastand has this periodat 400 km. The inferenceis that the pulseis generatedlocallyand mayresult. from electromagneticradiationfrom lightning,directlydrivingthe ionospheric plasma to be unstable. This has stirredincreased duration amplitude and phase perturbations interestin lightningas a meteorological phein sub-ionospheric VLFpropagation)activity. Observationand models 410 km, the optical intensityof theseevents suggestthat lightningmaybe a significant, is equivalentto the largestof the many norperhapsthe mostsignificant,sourceof NO.

29 have demonstrateda prevalent,highly complicated spectrumof waves in the region be- havingtypicalwavelengthsof tens of kilometers and typical periodsof tens of minutes, appearto play a major role in establishing the thermal and momentumbudgetsof the region. The new LIDARtechniqueshave also revealedfascinatingsmall-scaledynamic phenomena and compositionvariationsin the upper atmosphere,such as sporadic, small-scalesodium layersthat come and go suddenly,and may correspondto the passagesof individualmeteors.

Comparisons of rainfall in the TennesseeValley with cloudto-groundlightningstrikedata indicategeneralagreementbetweenrainfallpatternsand lightningpatterns,trackingthevariations attributed to the El Nino-Southern Oscillation. Research on storm electrification and relatedcloud physicshas benefittedgreatly from the developmentof mobile laboratories Vol. 29 thunderstorms' electricfieldsproducedby earlydeploymentsof the new systemsuggest that the distributionof electricchargeis more complex than the long-accepteddipole model.

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