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The aim of utilized Geothermics for Petroleum Engineers is to provide in a transparent and concise shape equipment of using the information of temperature surveys in deep boreholes in addition to the result of box, laboratory and analytical investigations in geothermics to a large viewers. even if a few elements of the topic of this booklet were mentioned in numerous earlier books and various papers, utilized Geothermics for Petroleum Engineers is the 1st publication in this subject on hand to the petroleum engineering neighborhood.

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Split versions of the sine-projection (Fig. 4 . , "l1 ... ", , , .. \l 1(.. 12. Eight examples of projections commonly used to portray the entire globe. much of the distortion and are common for cut out paper models of the globe. The Hammer projection or Hammer--Aitoff projection is an equivalent projection in which the circumference is an ellipse and the equator, as well as a central Meridian, are straight lines. 4 The Layered Structure of Earth The layered structure of earth can be considered based on: - different materials, - different physical properties.

A Cylindrical projection with examples of (i) normal or equatorial, (ii) transverse and (iii) oblique orientations of the projection surface; b conical projection with examples of (i) tangential orientation (touching the sphere along the thick line) and (ii) secant orientation (intersecting the globe) of the projection surface; c Azimuth projection with polar orientation of the projection surface Cylindrical projections, conical projections, azimuth projections. These three types of projections can be imagined as projections of the earth's surface from an imaginary light source (usually assumed to be located at the center of earth) onto some enveloping surface which is then rolled open to form a planar surface.

20): Make a very rough estimate of the small circle radius of the Aleute arc (from Fig. 4 or any atlas) and estimate the subduction angle of the Pacific plate underneath Alaska using the model of Fig. 5. This subduction angle is actually known. It is ~ 45°. Discuss possible reasons for the difference between your estimate and this value. Compare your estimate with an estimate of the subduction angle of the Indoaustralian plate underneath the Eurasian plate along the Java trench. 2. Understanding longitude and latitude (p.

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