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"""FW-190 In motion

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Aircraft rarely ventured more than 100km (60 miles) from their base airfields, and the Bf 110 was quite adequate for this relatively und emanding task. Op erating in this way, the Germa n night fighter caused heavy attritio n amo ng RAF raiding forces. 5cm wide. T hese str ips were designed to jam the precision radars on which Himmelbett depended, the 'Wtirzb urg' and A M esserschmiu BJ 1lOG nightfighter, fined unth a Lichtenstein radar aerial array on the nose. \ 1 EST . 8km 3 miles 1,608hp Spitfire IXs of No 73 Squadron, each carrying m' o 250 pounders, laxy 011/ for a dive-bombing sortie at their base at P rkos in Yugoslav ia.

The M osqu itoes of N o 100 G roup had to searc h for the Ge rma n nightfighters in a sky full of friend ly bom bers, but homing on radar emissions from enemy aircraft was a game that two could play. The RAF fight ers carr ied the 'Serrate' and 'Perfectos' equip rnents to enable them to home , respectively, on emiss ions from the SN-2 rad ar and the IFF sets car ried by their prey. The nightfight ers' war lacked the panache and spec tacle of that foug ht by day. Single nightfi ghters stalked individual bombe rs and, later, individu al ene my nightfighters.

69 F IG II T E R D E v E I. 0 I' ,\ 1 E S T. D \X'AR Ho w th ey Co m par ed: Spitfi re Mark VB Focke l\'i/ if Fw 190A-8 'S lIIrmbock 'fighters of 1J. (S turm) GTlIPpe of ] agdgeschu:ader 300. rmol/red fig hters carried two u:illg-mol/med 30 mm Call1lOlI, and u'ere modified 10 engage ill short-range fire-fights tcith US heavy bomber fo rma tions. (Romm) Left: \ a kovlev \ a k-9 fig hters of the Soviet A ir Force, 771is aircraft entered service ill A ugust 1942 and (' i l l built ill large numbers .

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