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By David Halliday; Robert Resnick; Kenneth S Krane

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3 2 Glue the strips to a sheet of colored paper. Leave a little space between them. Every other strip should be one small graph square to the right. 4 When finished, the straight lines look bent! 3 29 MATH TERMS 2-D – flat or having only two dimensions, such as length and width. the color opposite from another color on a color wheel. having length, width, and height and taking up space. F R EQUEN CY – 3-D – a visual sensation that appears after looking at one image for an extended time. COM P L EM EN T – the number of sound or light waves that pass one point within a certain time.

S Q UA R E – a shape with four straight, equal sides and four equal angles. L I G HT – radiation that is visible to the human eye. TR I A N G L E – a shape with three straight sides. a twodimensional egg shape. in the opposite direction from the ground, or up-and-down. OVA L – a frequency of light seen as a certain hue. CO LO R – 30 VERTICAL – GLOSSARY having to do with mental activities such as thinking, remembering, and imagining. CO GNITIVE – INVERT – to reverse the order or relationship of something.

One of the sharp points of a fork, tool, or antler. PRONG – to lean or be at an angle, especially to slope up or down. com. Web sites about creative ways for kids to experience math and science are featured on our Book Links page. These links are routinely monitored and updated to provide the most current information available.

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