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As a result, the rate of return required by investors will increase to 15 percent. c. Integrating into retail stores will increase the dividend growth rate to 9 percent and increase the required rate of return to 13 percent. From the standpoint of market price per share, which strategy is best? 60 per share and the market price per share is $30. The company expects to increase the dividend at a 20 percent annual rate the first 4 years, at a 13 percent rate the next 4 years, and then grow the dividend at a 7 percent rate thereafter.

If the investment required an initial cash outflow at time 0 of A , and were expected to pay A* at the end of each year forever, its yield is the discount rate, r, that equates the present value of all future cash inflows with the present value of the initial cash outflow In the case of a bond, A, is the market price of the bond and A* the fixed annual interest payment. When we multiply both sides of Eq. (2-16)by (1 + r), we obtain Subtracting Eq. (2-16)from Eq. (2-17),we get A,(1 A* + r) - A, = A* - ( 1 + r)" As n approaches infinity, A * / ( 1 + r)" approaches 0.

B. Assume that the parameters in part a pertain to a normal probability distribution. What is the probability the return will be (1)zero or less? (2) less than 10 percent? (3) more than 40 percent? , -> 1. The following are exercises in terminal values. a. At the end of 3 years, how much is an initial deposit of $100 worth, assuming an annual interest rate of (1) 10 percent? (2) 100 percent? (3) 0 percent? b. At the end of 3 years, how much is an initial deposit of $100 worth, assuming a quarterly compounded interest rate of (1) 10 percent?

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