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At the politics of gender

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Best feminist theory books

Feminist Review, No. 45, Autumn 1993

Specializes in feminist analyses of race and ethnicity - at the moment probably the most instant concerns dealing with feminist considering. the quantity levels from a examine of the social geographes of whiteness within the united states to a number of views at the break-up in Yugoslavia.

Post-Marxism: An Intellectual History (Routledge Studies in Social & Political Thought,)

This booklet lines the crystallisation of post-Marxism as a particular theoretical place in its personal correct and considers the position performed in its improvement by means of post-structuralism, postmodernism and second-wave feminism. It examines the heritage of dissenting developments in the Marxist culture and considers what the long run clients of post-Marxism usually are.

Shifting Ground: Knowledge and Reality, Transgression and Trustworthiness

This quantity of essays by means of Naomi Scheman brings jointly her perspectives on epistemic and socio-political matters, perspectives that draw on a serious interpreting of Wittgenstein in addition to on liberatory routine and theories, all within the provider of a basic reorientation of epistemology. For a few theorists, epistemology is an primarily foundationalist and therefore discredited firm; for others-particularly analytic epistemologists--it is still carefully segregated from political matters.

Feminism and Philosophy: Perspectives on Difference and Equality

This tremendous available textbook offers a wide-ranging research of the family members among philosophy and feminist proposal. studying not just feminist reviews of philosophical rules, Gatens additionally appears on the ways that feminist conception could be educated via philosophical research and debates. Gatens adopts an ancient procedure, starting with an research of Mary Wollstonecraft's critique of Rousseau.

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In other words, the failures in Marx's theory which result from his attraction to a narrow interpretation of "materialism" might have been alleviated had he paid more attention to the activity of childrearing. 13 Alternatively, he occasionally treats changes in the organization of such activities as historical effects of changes in productive relations. 14 This is evidenced also in a letter to P. V. "15 Here again, such tendencies in Marx can be explained by looking to the role and ideology of the family in an industrial society.

The separation of a specialized (official) economic system enhances a society's capacity to deal with its natural and social environment. " But if childrearing could not be nonpathologically incorporated into the (official) economic system, and if the (official) economic system could not be nonregressively dedifferentiated, then the continued separation of childrearing from paid work would be required. Now this amounts to a defense of one aspect of what feminists call "the separation of public and private," namely, the separation of the official economic sphere from the domestic sphere and the enclaving of childrearing from the rest of social labor.

As Carole Pateman puts it, it is not that women are absent from the paid workplace; it's rather that they are present differently 27 - for example, as feminized and sometimes sexualized "service" workers (secretaries, domestic workers, salespersons, prostitutes and more recently, flight attendants); as members of the "helping professions" utilizing mothering skills (nurses, social workers, childcare workers, primary school teachers); as targets of sexual harassment; as low-waged, low-skilled, lowstatus workers in sex-segregated occupations; as part-time workers; as workers who work a double shift (both unpaid domestic labor and paid What's Critical about Critical Theory?

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