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A Siberian tiger on the San Francisco Zoo leaps a 12-foot excessive wall and mauls 3 viewers who were tormenting her, killing one. A circus elephant tramples and gores a sadistic coach, who had time and again fed her lit cigarettes. a couple of orangutans on the San Diego Zoo scouse borrow a crowbar and screwdriver and break-out in their enclosure. An orca at Sea global snatches his coach into the pool and holds her underwater until eventually she drowns. what is going on the following? Are those mere injuries? easily situations of animals performing on intuition? that is what the zoos and animal subject parks might have you ever think. yet historian Jason Hribal tells a unique tale. within the so much provocative booklet on animal rights on the grounds that Peter Singer's Animal Liberation, Hribal argues persuasively that those escapes and assaults are planned, that the animals are performing with cause, that they're saying their very own wishes for freedom. Fear of the Animal Planet is a harrowing, and interestingly uplifting, chronicle of resistance opposed to the captivity and torture of animals.

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All of this is big business, naturally. Each performing dolphin can generate more than a million dollars a year in revenue, while orcas can produce twenty times that much. This is a history of violent resistance to such abuses. Here are stories of escapes, subterfuges, work stoppages, gorings, rampages, bitings, and, yes, revenge killings. Each trampling of a brutal handler with a bull-hook, each mauling of a taunting visitor, each drowning of a tormenting trainer is a crack in the old order that treats animals as property, as engines of profit, as mindless objects of exploitation and abuse.

A lawyer, Pierre Rembaud, was appointed as defense counsel for the accused. Rembaud wasted no time in filing a motion for summary judgment, arguing that the weevils had every right to consume the grape leaves. Indeed, Rembaud asserted, the weevils enjoyed a prior claim to the vegetation on Mount Cenis, since, as detailed in the Book of Genesis, the Supreme Deity had created animals before he fashioned humans and God had promised animals all of the grasses, leaves and green herbs for their sustenance.

Officials were forced to deny the claim. Next came news of a $48 million bond, which the zoo had received earlier, almost all of which was spent on enhancements for visitors. The animals, meanwhile, continued to reside in decrepit and cramped exhibits. Tigers can have a range of over 100 square miles in their habitats of Eurasia. In San Francisco, Tatiana barely had only 1000-square feet to roam around in. Such realities of captivity are known to cause psychological problems: unconscious swaying, incessant pacing, and self-mutilation.

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