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These data include the neck width of each arrowhead. Calculate the five-number summaries of the neck-width data for all six sites (the two new sites and the four known sites). neck width b. On the same scale, make a box plot of the neck-width data for each site. c. Based on your results from parts (a) and (b), during which time periods do you think Sites I and II were settled? Explain. 2. a. A baker makes raisin muffins in batches of four dozen. She pours a box of raisins into each batch. How could you use a sample from a batch of muffins to estimate the number of raisins in a box?

0 D. qxd 6/8/06 8:46 AM Page 39 19. a. From age 5–18, the average student eats 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You can make about 15 sandwiches from an 18-ounce jar of peanut butter. How many jars of peanut butter would you need to make 1,500 sandwiches? Explain. b. About how many jars of peanut butter does an average student eat each year from age 5 to age 18? c. How many peanut butter sandwiches does a student need to eat each week to consume the number of jars per year from part (b)?

Each point on the scatter plot gives you two pieces of information. 26 per serving. 1 Interpreting Scatter Plots A. Which symbol on the scatter plot represents data for the natural peanut butters? Which symbol is for the regular peanut butters? B. What appears to be true about the prices of peanut butters with high quality ratings? With low quality ratings? Is there a relationship between quality rating and price? Explain. C. Do any (quality rating, price) pairs appear to be unusual? Explain. D.

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