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Regulating Bioprospecting: Institutions for Drug Research, Access, And Benefit Sharing

The hunt for invaluable biochemical compounds and genes in nature has been the focal point of foreign negotiations for greater than a decade, but debate at the phrases for entry to genetic assets, conventional wisdom and benefit-sharing is way from settled. This ebook examines the optimum estate rights constructions and institutional mechanisms for regulating bioprospecting for drug examine.

Environmental Inequalities Beyond Borders: Local Perspectives on Global Injustices (Urban and Industrial Environments)

This e-book is a shining instance of engaged scholarship. Carmin and Agyeman goal to strengthen our realizing of, and skill to behave upon, environmental inequalities worldwide, they usually do so twofold goal properly. In my box of city and nearby making plans, the function of associations that the ebook highlights is more and more key, and that i see this ebook as a great contribution to my box in addition to to sociology, political technological know-how, anthropology, overseas reviews, ethnic reviews, and environmental wellbeing and fitness stories.

Plant Pathogenesis and Resistance: Biochemistry and Physiology of Plant-Microbe Interactions

Each one plant-pathogen interplay contains a two-way molecular conversation. On one hand, the pathogen perceives indications from the plant, secretes chemical arsenals to set up an infection courts, and produces metabolites that disrupt structural integrity, adjust mobile functionality, and sidestep host defenses.

Food Security and Sociopolitical Stability

International meals fee spikes in 2008 and back in 2011 coincided with a surge of political unrest in low- and middle-income nations. indignant shoppers took to the streets in rankings of countries. In a few locations, foodstuff riots became violent, pressuring governments and in a number of circumstances contributed to their overthrow.

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643Administrative Fairness and Forest Land Decision-Making: A Canadian Experiment in Participatory Environmental Planning 1004Democratizing Nature? The Political Morality of Wilderness Preservationists 1275Trade Unions and Environmental Democracy: A Study of the UK Transport and General Workers' Union (with material contributed by Nigel Morter) 1526Agenda 21 and Local Democracy: A British Search for New Participatory Forms 179 Conclusion: Global Environmental Democracy 212 Notes238References244Index262 Page iv ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS ALG Association of London Government BATNEEC best available technology not entailing excessive cost BPEO best practicable environmental option CFC chlorofluorocarbon CO2 carbon dioxide CORE Commission on Resources and Environment (British Columbia) CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament CPR common-pool resource CSD Commission on Sustainable Development EC European Community ECHR European Convention on Human Rights EMAS ecomanagement and audit scheme ENACT Working Group on Environmental Action EU European Union EWC European Works Council FAO Food and Agriculture Organization GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GFA general forest area GMB General, Municipal and Boilermakers' Union GNP gross national product HIA high-intensity area HMIP Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution ICC International Criminal Court ICFTU International Confederation of Free Trade Unions IIASA International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ISO International Standards Organization JEAC joint environment advisory committee KNU Karen National Union LETS local exchange trading scheme LGMB Local Government Management Board LRMP land and resource management planning LUCO land-use coordination office (British Columbia) NDP New Democratic Party (Canada) NEPP National Environmental Policy Plan (The Netherlands) NGO nongovernmental organization NOx nitrous oxide OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development PLUS provincial land-use strategy (Canada) SEA Strategic Environmental Assessment SLF secondary liquid fuel SLORC State Law and Order Restoration Council (Myanmar) SO2 sulphur dioxide T&G Transport and General Workers' Union TUC Trades Union Congress UK United Kingdom UN United Nations UNEP United Nations Environment Programme US United States WATCH Workers Against Toxic Chemicals WHO World Health Organization WTO World Trade Organization Page v ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This is as good a place as any to acknowledge my debt to several outstanding teachers who, in one way or another, encouraged me to reflect on and articulate my environmental interests in an informed manner … Chaloner Chute, Mike French and Simon James.

We may disagree with a regime but it is not our place to challenge it. For these environmentalists concerned with the global biodiversity crisis — what Edward O Wilson correctly describes as ‘one of the greatest extinction spasms of geological history’ (1993, p 268) — the moral ledger can be drawn up in favour of involvement with a repressive regime. There is no question that Myanmar possesses an exceptional level of biological diversity, ranging across three zoogeographic zones: the Indian, Indomalayan and Palaeartic regions.

This Canadian research could also not have been completed without the assistance and hospitality of Joan Calder-head and Peter Marter, Kevin Park and Karen Snowshoe in Vancouver and, across the water in Victoria, Yasmeen Qureshi and Pat Hill. Their knowledge and experience not only helped to focus my efforts, but also kept everything in the proper perspective. I am fortunate that these individuals have become valued friends. Chapter 5 owes a significant debt to the research of Nigel Morter on the Transport and General Workers' Union in what started off as a combined project on trade union environmentalism.

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