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Once now we have approved an actual alternative of the concept that of algo­ rithm, it turns into attainable to aim the matter even if there exist well-defined collections of difficulties which can't be dealt with by way of algo­ rithms, and if this is so, to provide concrete circumstances of this type. Many such investigations have been conducted over the past few many years. The undecidability of mathematics and different mathematical theories used to be proven, additional the unsolvability of the notice challenge of workforce idea. Many mathematicians contemplate those effects and the speculation on which they're established to be the main attribute achievements of mathe­ matics within the first half the 20 th century. If we furnish the legitimacy of the urged detailed replacements of the idea that of set of rules and comparable recommendations, then we will say that the mathematicians have proven via strictly mathematical tools that there exist mathematical difficulties which can't be handled by means of the equipment of calculating arithmetic. In view of the real function which arithmetic performs this present day in our belief of the realm this truth is of significant philosophical curiosity. submit speaks of a ordinary legislations concerning the "limitations of the mathematicizing energy of Homo Sapiens". right here we additionally discover a start line for the dialogue of the query, what the particular inventive task of the mathematician is composed in. during this publication we will provide an advent to the speculation of algorithms.

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Definitions. We shall introduce here a few phrases by giving exact definitions of them. These phrases are drawn from the conception of Turing machines as actual machines. We shall express the fact that in a certain connection we choose a machine M, a number A, and a function B, and thus a certain initial configuration Ko = (A ,B, CM), by saying that we place M on the tape expression B over the square A. If Ko is not a terminal configuration, then there exists for Ko a unique consecutive configuration Kl = F (Ko).

Introductory Reflections identifiable with the concept of computable function (Church's thesis). Some time later Church showed that the decision problem for the predicate calculus is unsolvable. The same was proved by A. M. TURING at about the same time. Turing introduced the concept of Turing machine for his proof. 1 During the last years the undecidability has also been proved for different theories which are given by systems of axioms in the language of the predicate calculus (or in languages which are unessential extensions of it).

Euvres, ed. Adam-Tannery, vol. VI, p. 374. Paris 1902. Translation quoted from: The Geometry of Rene Descartes. New York 1954. 28 Chapter 1. Introductory Reflections connection let us remember that Leibniz was one of the first to build a computing machine. In spite of intensive efforts however he did not succeed in realizing his above mentioned projects (some of his remarks in this respect were not generally known until 1901 when published by COUTURAT). 2. Modern logic. If we want to create algorithms which are as universally applicable as possible, the forming of general procedures in the domain of logic suggests itself.

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