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Enjoyment of flesh by flesh" is "wanton shame," while desire of soul for soul is at the heart of a relationship that "reverences, aye, and worships, chastity and manhood, greatness and wisdom" (Laws 837cd). At a less anxious moment in the dialogues, Plato isn't so worried about the enjoyment of flesh by flesh Page 9 as long as the enjoyment doesn't get in the way of the spiritual development of both lovers. 9 The body is not without use, however: for example, appreciation of the physical beauty of another can lead to an understanding of Beauty itself.

16 It is women who get hysterical at the thought of death; obviously, their emotions have overpowered their reason, and they can't control themselves (Phaedo 60a, 112d; Apology 356). "A woman, young or old or wrangling with her husband, defying heaven, loudly boasting, fortunate in her own conceit, or involved in misfortune or possessed by grief and lamentation" is a dreadful model for a young manstill worse is "a woman that is sick, in love, or in labor" (Republic 395de). Page 14 When in our own lives some affliction comes to us you are aware that we plume ourselves ...

I am relying in my formulations on Jonathan Ree's "Philosophy and the History of Philosophy" in Ree, Jonathan, Ayers, Michael and Westoby, Adam. Philosophy and Its Past. Atlantic Highland, NJ: Humanities, 1978, pp. 339. 12. This point is made by Amin Samir in Eurocentrism. NY: Monthly Review, 1989. See, in particular the first chapter, "The Formation of Tributary Ideology in the Mediterranean Region", pp. 1359. Page 1 PART ONE PLATO Page 3 Hairy Cobblers and Philosopher-Queens Elizabeth V. Spelman and what pure happiness to know all our high-toned questions breed in a lively animal.

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