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By Akira Ishimaru

Provides primary suggestions and formulations and discusses state-of- the-art mathematical options (e.g., Green's features, fundamental equations) - besides a wide spectrum of latest issues, resembling blending formulation, chiral media, and Radon remodel. contains numerous matters usually no longer thoroughly coated in different books - together with London's equations, diffraction tomography, and polarimetry.

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A comparison of the crack area propagation of the single bump barrel and stacked hourglass joints is shown in Figure 11. The results clearly show a faster propagation rate for the single bump barrel joint. [ 30 ] Figure 12 shows typical cross sections of joints that failed by thermal fatigue. The majority of the joints failed at the solder joint-chip pad interface. Only a small fraction of the joints developed cracks at the corners of the solder jointsubstrate interface. Microcracks occur at points of high localized stress and gradually spread by fracture of the material at the edges of Guo-Quan Lu, Xingsheng Liu, Sihua Wen, Jesus Noel Calata and John G.

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