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Once you have that information and have clarified it, it’s time to form your reply. When expressing your thoughts: • Be honest and open • Be respectful • Be thorough Remember too that you are modeling excellent behavior for others when you use active listening. Don’t be surprised to hear others start to use clarifying questions or reflecting phrases as well – which would be a good thing for everyone concerned! 4 Listening in Difficult Situations Listening is particularly difficult when you are in a heated or emotionally charged situation.

If there is important or urgent information included, it might go unread – or opened, scanned, and dismissed. Instead, try subject lines such as: • Information on Open House Tuesday, June 22, 2010 – Please RSVP! • Question Regarding the Change in Health Benefits – Response Needed • Meeting Requested on New Website Design – Please Confirm Availability • URGENT! Change in On-Call Schedule for Memorial Day Weekend • Response to Your Question on the Marketing Plan for 3rd Quarter Each of these tells the reader what information they will find when they open the email, and also tells them whether or not they need to take action.

They are the dreamers, the inventors, and the innovators in the group. Their communication may be full of grand ideas and hyperboles that tend to be very persuasive to others at first. People with the spirited communication style love to flesh out ideas, brainstorm, and talk about the big picture – as long as they get to do a lot of the talking! Spirited people can have a hard time nailing down the details in their wonderful ideas. They may also have a hard time sticking to an agenda or to one topic.

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