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By N. Wariboko

Wariboko bargains a critical-philosophical standpoint at the logics and dynamics of finance capital within the twenty-first century with a view to craft a version of the care of the soul that might allow electorate not to purely larger negotiate their monetary existences and ethical reviews inside it, but in addition withstand its adverse influence on social life.

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This is the character of emancipatory spirituality that might imaginatively and effectively resist finance capital or the idea of finance. The care of the soul is the discipline and practices that are required to enact and live this ethics of antifragility. The care of the soul we have laid out in this book challenges the regnant care of the soul as freedom of full participation in the market and democratic systems. For what is celebrated as freedom in Western-democraticmarket societies amounts to a doctrine of impotence in the face of threats to the commons and the common good.

What it brings to the economy is freedom. This needs to be understood in two senses. Freedom does not really belong to finance, but strictly speaking arises out of the division of the economy from itself. Finance identifies with the whole economy in the name of the internal split of the economy. Besides, it is through the existence of finance that an economy exists as a monetary economy, as one that is divided against itself for freedom. Finance is not just one part among others. It is the part that separates the economy and establishes it as a monetary economy of financial and industrial circulations of money that can move free from each other.

29 The movement of finance capital is not addressed to any one economy; it bears no obedience to a specifiable actual or virtual community. Finance proceeds on the basis of itself, justifying itself by itself. Its authority is its desire to tear down walls and boundaries. ”31 This is to say its movement is not addressed to any economy or destination as such. The movement is simply the name for the purity and emptiness of its address. Every state policy is to nudge or seduce the movement to elicit a specifiable address from finance.

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