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The main of enormous Numbers shows that macro fluctuations have vulnerable microfoundations; power company cycles and interrupted applied sciences might be greater characterised by means of macro power and meso foundations. fiscal progress is proscribed via marketplace volume and ecological constraints. The trade-off among balance and complexity is the basis of cultural variety and combined economies. the hot technology of complexity sheds gentle at the assets of financial instability and complexity.

This publication contains the most important paintings of Professor Ping Chen, a pioneer in learning fiscal chaos and fiscal complexity. they're chosen from works accomplished considering the fact that 1987, together with unique learn at the evolutionary dynamics of the department of labour, empirical and theoretical reports of monetary chaos and stochastic types of collective habit. delivering a brand new standpoint on marketplace instability and the altering global order, the fundamental pillars in equilibrium economics are challenged by means of reliable proof of monetary complexity and time asymmetry, together with Friedman’s thought of exogenous cash and effective marketplace, the Frisch version of noise-driven cycles, the Lucas version of microfoundations and rational expectancies, the Black-Scholes version of choice pricing, and the Coase conception of transaction costs.

Throughout, a common conception in keeping with advanced evolutionary economics is built, which integrates diverse insights from Marx, Marshall, Schumpeter, Keynes and gives a brand new realizing of the evolutionary heritage of department of labour. This e-book could be of curiosity to postgraduates and researchers in Economics, together with macroeconomics, monetary economics, complex econometrics and financial methodology.

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Downloaded by [University of Ottawa] at 02:09 17 September 2016 Part I Downloaded by [University of Ottawa] at 02:09 17 September 2016 Methodological review Economic complexity, equilibrium illusion, and evolutionary dynamics Downloaded by [University of Ottawa] at 02:09 17 September 2016 Downloaded by [University of Ottawa] at 02:09 17 September 2016 2 Equilibrium illusion, economic complexity, and evolutionary foundation in economic analysis1 The flying arrow is at rest. The all is one. (Zeno of Elea (about 490–425 bc) in Plato 1997) (Zeno of Elea (about 490–425 bc) in Aristotle 2008) The way gave birth to unity, Unity gave birth to duality, Duality gave birth to trinity, and Trinity gave birth to the myriad creatures.

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Another barrier is complexity in the time domain. The sources of complexity in time series analysis include imperfect information (finite data with noise and time delays), information ambivalence (conflicting news and distorted information), unpredictable events (financial crisis and changing trends), and limited predictability (caused by deterministic chaos or wavelets). Information ambiguity is not only associated with bounded rationality but also rooted in dynamic complexity (Simon 1957; Chen 2005).

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