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By Kurtis R. Schaeffer

Dreaming the good Brahmin explores the construction and game of Buddhist saints via narratives, poetry, artwork, ritual, or even dream visions. the 1st finished cultural and literary historical past of the well known Indian Buddhist poet saint Saraha, often called the good Brahmin, this ebook argues that we must always view Saraha no longer because the founding father of a convention, yet fairly as its product. Kurtis Schaeffer exhibits how photos, stories, and teachings of Saraha have been transmitted, reworked, and created by means of individuals of various Buddhist traditions in Tibet, India, Nepal, and Mongolia. the result's that there's no longer one nice Brahmin, yet many. extra widely, Schaeffer argues that the colossal value of saints for Buddhism is healthier understood by means of taking a look at the artistic diversifications of such figures that perpetuated their repute, for it really is there that those saints come to life.

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Lasi, two boys named Thotsun Drupje or Vijiia and D echen D akpo or S aiij aya were born into that caste which delights in the six acts-the brahmin s . These two came to understand all the treatise s . " Now, they had heard that Mahesvara and Uma actually dwelt on M ount Tise, and they said, "We shotild. go there and ask them. " As they made great preparations to go, the gods hailed them and they TA L E S O F T H E G R E AT B RA H M I N hurried there. They saw the great god's vehicle free-floating, fash­ ioned as if out of white clouds.

There were certainly other versions of Saraha' s life story popular in Tibet at various times and in various regions:6 and in the following I present two of these. I have chosen them not so much because they were popular or even very important in the development of S arah a's tale in Tibet; indeed, ques­ tions of this sort are difficult to answer. Both of these tales are, however, quite different from the stories encountered earlier in the chapter, for they exemplify the creativity in both storytelling and historiography that a figure such as S ar­ aha can engender.

The Buddha, is worshipped by the astute. Therefore. " They then be­ came supreme and led lives equal to the sun and the moon. They returned home and cast away the Vedic teachings like s o many weeds. They distributed all the wealth of their homes, and the elder brother founded Nalanda at the birthplace of Sariputra. The younger founded Vajrasana and M ahabodhi, and the two brothers both took ordination under the Teacher's s on. Rahula. The elder took the name Rahula. and the younger took the name Vrryabhadra, and they became upholders of the Three Baskets [of the Dharma] .

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