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William Wolf brings his meticulous study to explain the little recognized Douglas B-18 Bolo which used to be Americas such a lot quite a few entrance line bomber on the time of Pearl Harbor. through the years the tale of the airliner became bomber has languished in obscurity and the few articles at the topic in well known aviation magazines have emphasised its faults and maligned it as the cheap bomber that had few virtues. Wolfs finished publication is the 1st ever at the topic and offers the reader the definitive description and appraisal of this overlooked bombers improvement, checking out, manufacture, the plane according to se, and strive against adventure.

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Anti-submarine Camouflage Paint On a clear, sunny day a lookout on a V-Boat was able to see an Olive Drab/ eutral Gray (00/ G) B-18 approaching at nine to ten miles, giving the V-Boat ample time to dive. more effective camouflage scheme was needed, and in pril 1942, a commercial grade of Oyster White was tested at Mitchel Field, Y. Oyster White wa a creamy yellow white that wa prayed to cover the exterior of a PBY. few B-18s and other SW aircraft were sprayed Oy ter White or Oy ter Gray (white with a black tint).

Two doors on top of the fuselage opened to allow the loop to be extended outside. ) 3) Receiver located on the floor at the base of the loop support tubes. 4) Two compass indicators mounted: one mounted on a bracket on the left hand side of the fuselage for use by the radio operator and RC-15 Interphone Equipment consisted of: I) Type BC-212 amplifier located under the shelf that supports the command radio. 2) Eight Type BC-13A jack boxes supplying each of the crew at their positions. The propellers were equipped with alcohol glycerin anti-icers in a four gallon tank.

This tube connected to a regulating valve that allowed the water to return to the supply tank to recirculate, but shut off the escape of steam. The air, after it had been circulated through the radiator, passed through warm air ducts into main compartments of the aircraft. The amount of heat was controlled by a valve in the water supply line located forward and below the auxiliary oil tank. Allowing more water to go to the boiler tended to raise the temperature; while lessening the amount lowered the temperature.

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