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Flatten. 5. Narrow trunk with 1. Precrease one diagonal. Mountain-fold sides behind to meet at centerline and valley-fold top downward. 60 valley-folds. The upper portion of the paper on each side will swing down automatically. WILD KINGDOM Z X Y W 7. 7A. 7B. 6. Valley-fold so that outer portion of ear flaps aligns with interior crease. 7. 8. Valley-fold in order to expose white flap (tusk) adjacent to trunk on the other side of the model (see step 10). In order for the tusk to lie flat, the upper portion of the tusk will need to be stretched, squashed, and flattened into a tiny triangle.

This is a complex maneuver. Narrow left and right corners of white triangle with valleyfolds while simultaneously valley-folding bottom of white triangle upwards. Crimp the paper at the top of the white triangle toward the centerline to allow the paper to lie flat. X 6A. Completed maneuver. Turn over. X Y Y 7. Valley-fold the white flaps on either side so that edge XY aligns with the sides of the central triangle. The paper behind will stretch. Flatten as shown in the next diagram. 8. Valley-fold white flap downward at edge of flaps formed in previous step.

Swing the white portion forward while folding the model in half. 4. 1. Precrease one diagonal. Lightly fold in half 1/8 point. horizontally to produce a line at the Valley-fold bottom tip upward at that line. 46 4. Reverse-fold the white portion up through the center of the model at the colored edge. FOR THE ROMANTIC 5. 5A. A. 5. Reverse-fold the large colored portion down through the center of the model at the colored edge. Crimp the toe portion with mountain- and valley-folds. Note which folds are perpendicular to the top edge.

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