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Instead, you should define properties to return any values that you want to make available to other objects. To make an instance variable public, you must use the @public keyword. h> @interface Project : NSObject{ @private NSString *log1; @protected NSString *log2; @public NSString *log3; } @property(strong) NSString *name; -(void)generateReport; -(void)generateReportAndAddThisString:(NSString *)string andThenAddThisDate:(NSDate *)date; +(void)printTimeStamp; @end 63 CHAPTER 18 N INHERITANCE To use this object, you would need to use the member of operator, ->.

To start a switch statement, you need the switch keyword followed by the level variable in parentheses. Also, you should use curly brackets to create a code block for the switch statement. switch (shape) { } Case Keyword Next, you can define code blocks that will be associated with each value that the level variable can take on. You use the case keyword to associate each possible value with a code block. 45 CHAPTER 15 N SWITCH STATEMENTS switch (shape) { case 0:{ float length = 3; area = length * length; NSLog(@"Square area is %f", area); break; } } What you see above is the case keyword followed by the value that you are testing for, which is 0.

N Note Array indexes in Objective-C start with 0. NSNumber *lastNum = [numbers lastObject]; 29 CHAPTER 8 N ARRAYS Sometimes you might already have a reference to the object in question, but you want to find out the index number that corresponds to the object’s position in the array. You can use indexOfObject: to get this information. NSUInteger index = [numbers indexOfObject:num]; Enumeration Enumeration is the process of moving through a list one item at time. Usually, you will be performing some type of action on each item, like writing out the object’s contents to the log or modifying a property on the object.

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