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By Arjuna Parakrama

This examine establishes the discriminatory and elitist nature of ordinary languages and standardization itself, contemplating as counter-example the case of Sri Lankan English as symptomatic of the opposite or post-colonial Englishes. at the foundation of this figuring out of the traditional, whereas while accepting the need of criteria, although attenuated, the author argues for the energetic broadening of the normal to incorporate the best sort attainable - privileging which means over different principles - and holds that this is able to in truth paintings in the direction of extending the limits of linguistic tolerance.

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I am not, of course, suggesting here that there is a selfconsciousness on the part of the users to this end, but rather that the conceptualization of language-users as passive and powerless is misleading, especially as concerns the 'innovative' users of the socalled prestige dialect. 16 Professor Tony Crowley in his book Standard English and the Politics of Language (1989) has presented an invaluable analysis of the history of the concept of Standard English in Britain, and I shall have recourse to his research in this section, which seeks to place the current debate on the post-colonial Englishes within the larger framework.

Fishman, Charles A. Ferguson and Jyotindra Das Gupta (1968) pp. 459-76. Politics of Standardization 17 whom Kachru is an outstanding example - cannot do justice to these Other Englishes as long as they remain within the overarching structures that these Englishes bring to crisis. To take these new/other Englishes seriously would require a fundamental revaluation of linguistic paradigms, and not merely a slight accommodation or adjustment. ,' and begins by 'clearing away a few attitudinal cobwebs ...

Annamalai, E. (1994), 'English in India: Unplanned Development', in Kandiah, Thiru and John Kwan-Terry (eds), English and Language Planning: A Southeast Asian Contribution (Singapore: Times Academic Press) pp. 261-77. Dalby, Simon (1988), 'Geopolitical Discourse: The Soviet Union as Other', Alternatives 13, pp. 415-42. Daudi, Philippe (1983), 'The Discourse of Power and the Power of Discourse', Alternatives 9, pp. 317-25. Davies, Alan (1989), 'Are Non-native Speakers just not Native Speakers', paper presented at the Conference on English in South Asia, Islamabad.

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