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By Kathy Ross

Squirting hose puppet -- Handcuffs -- sort the hair puppet -- layout a shop window -- guidance wheel puppet -- Finger solid -- Cup cat and puppy -- satisfied teeth puppet -- Grocery cart purchasing checklist holder -- favourite meal magnets -- Doll good friend cupcakes -- Apple for the trainer pencil topper -- Library bookmark -- rubbish gobbling trash can -- Mail provider dispenser for stamps or deal with labels -- ''Drain'' stick -- Sock-it-away financial institution -- Plastic bag flora -- Jackhammer puppet -- ''Check lower than the hood'' car.; relish crafts whereas studying approximately what neighborhood employees do on their jobs

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Cut a triangle shape from one corner of the envelope that is about 5 inches (13 cm) across the cut. ” 28 2. 5-cm) square from the 3 4 construction paper scrap for the building. 3. Tape the top of the square to the inside of one side of the triangle roof. 4. You should now have a building with the back of the triangle roof forming a pocket that will slip over the corner of the page of a book. 5. Use the pen to draw a sign on the front of the building. Write the name of your local library on the sign.

5-cm) circles from the white paper for eyes. Cut two smaller black circles for the pupils for the eyes. 6. Glue the pupils to the eyes, then glue the eyes to the lid above the nose. 7. Cut yarn bits and glue them to the lid above the eyes for the hair. 8. Slip the top of the sock cuff over the band cut from the margarine tub. 9. Snap the lid on over the sock covered edge of the band to secure the lid to the top of the sock. Drop your spare coins through the mouth of the happy face to store them safely in the sock.

5. Glue the two wiggle eyes to the side of the tube. Glue the pom-pom under the eyes for the nose. Stick the hole reinforcer to the tube below the nose for the mouth. To use the “drain” stick, gently tip it back and fourth to hear the gentle sound of draining water. You might need to tap the end of the tube on the floor to get the peanuts moving if some static electricity has built up and is making them stick together. 39 Sock-It-Away Bank Here is what you need: small margarine tub with lid discarded sock yarn white craft glue red pom-pom scissors red, black, and white construction paper Here is what you do: 1.

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