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3). Saw the shelf straight from the same piece from which the back has been cut so that both pieces will be the about % to % in. same width. Saw the shelf in half or cut off from one edge before fitting the two pieces together. 2. Sand all surfaces to a smooth finish. Do not disturb the bark. Bore a large hole for the hanger and two small ones for the nails or screws. If holes are not bored, the wood may split. 3. 4. 5. Apply four to six coats of shellac, sanding between coats. Assemble the two pieces.

The remaining part may be used for a hat over the "head" spool. 2. 3. Sand make and other decorations. Straighten paper clips and insert them into the spools to hold them when applying the finish and to hang them on a line to dry. Apply a coat of clear shellac and let it dry. Sand the spool lightly and apply to 4. all spools. Decorate the spools using water colors to paint them to resemble clothing. Wax crayons, nail polish, or a burning tool can be used facial features spar varnish. 5. String each part of the toy separately with plastic lacing.

Figures 2 and 4 illustrate uses left unfinished except for for the decorative carving Now trace details of the design on the board. Burn them with the burning tool. If the design is to be painted, use water colors, show-card paint, or enamel. If desired shade the burned outlines with color. Allow paint to dry thoroughly. See Figures 1 and 3 for shading. boards. in outline 4. 5. Apply two coats of thin, clear shellac, sand lightly, then apply one or more coats of clear spar varnish. Steel wool lightly.

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