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8 [ ... ] ... of prosperity [ ... ] 12' 13' 9 [ ... ]. [ ... ] 10 24 Manuscripts: A = STT 87; B = SIT 371:1-9 [lines 17-27]. - K. Deller, Or. 34 (1965) 46lffand 476. MES BURU I4 s[a KUR]lu-u SIG,-iq an-tum [x x x x]x-ba-ra [x] Xl [x x x] 'il-kab-bir [x x x x x x x]x-'e l iI-la-ka [xxxxxxxx]XSIG 4 [xxxxxxxx]pa-ni [x x x x x x x x]x te-pa-sa [xxxxxxxxl'xxl 'x Rev. S[A]-uRu i-sa-KAK KA' ME DINGIR rest broken away 7' 10. GUD IT! BAR U[RU a-n]a TAR-si E ne-ru-bu HE. O [ ... ] which [... ] play. II Fill, fill their pails [with ...

11 Previous edition: E. Weidner, AfO 13 (1939-41) 21Off. corruption may be suspected. DIM lu rka'l-i[a'-an'] 3 11. Assurbanipal's Coronation Hymn VAT 13831 1 dUTU LUGAL AN-e u KI. PA i-sir-tu a-na ru-up-pu-us KUR u UN. MES sa AN-e u KI. Du le-pu-sa re-'u-u-sin 17 May they give him a straight sceptre to extend the land and his peoples! 18 May his reign be renewed, and may they consolidate his royal throne for ever! 19 May they bless him (by) day, month, and year, and guard his reign! 20 In his years may there cons[tantly] be rain from the heavens and flood from the (underground) source!

3 My lord, put an earring on me, let me give you pleasure in the garden! 15 [Nabu], my lord, put an earring on me, let me make you happy [in the Edu]bb~! 12 17 My [Tasmetu], I will put on you bracelets of carnelian! 18 [ •••••• ] your bracelets of carnelian! 19 I will open [...... ]. Ditto. •.... • ] the goddesses came out like a mural crown ••• [ ••• ] them Ditto. -i[a? L! ZA. MES Li [ ...... ] ... zA-u-sa-a tube [... ] 3 Let me hold [... ], ... [ ... ] 4 [Let me pro ]vide a new chariot for you [......

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