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Для тех, кто мастерит куклы. Предлагаются разнообразные методы изготовления, включая шитье и вязание. В книге содержаться простые инструкции по изготовлению, имеется 33 проекта. Схемы и рисунки помогут в освоении этого рукоделия. Внимание! Обновлена ссылка! Пожалуйста, оцените эту публикацтю соответствующим вашему мнению количеством звездочек.

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Separate the strands into two groups.  Tie them together around the metal ring. Cut off any extra raffia. /;;8 /->1 Hang the plant in indirect light. Check the plant every 2 to 3 days. Water the plant over a sink. ->E cactus – a plant with sharp spikes instead of leaves that grows in hot dry places. permission – when a person in charge says it’s okay to do something. container – something that other things can be put into. previous – the one or ones before. fertilizer – something used to make plants grow better in soil.

Put the seedling in the hole. "" Fill dirt around the seedling. Pat the soil to make it firm. ## Put moss around the seedling. # $ Cover the rest of the soil with rocks. $ % Cut twelve pieces of raffia 30 inches (76 cm) long. Separate the raffia into four groups of three strands. $    Thread a group of raffia strands halfway through the twigs on one side of the nest.   Thread the other three groups of raffia strands through the nest. Space the groups evenly around the nest.   Tie the strands together above the fern.

Vermiculite – a light material that holds water that is often added to potting soil. peat moss – a type of moss that usually grows on wet land and is used in gardening.  SUPER SIMPLE BOOKS IN THIS SERIES Super Super Super Super Super Super Simple Simple Simple Simple Simple Simple B u t t e r f ly G a r d e n s Fa iry Ga rd e n s Hanging Gardens Indoor Gardens Kitchen Gardens Salad Gardens SUPER SIMPLE HANGING GARDENS Get your own unique hanging garden! Make plants that swing above your head.

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