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El? Z: 94. msoUrri I-raba dukane, la-ktaxrin kullu. N: 95. marri malo welu xajux go HCia? Z: 96. eged go Heia. 97. skiuni sO'a sinne go HCia. N: 98. malo ila HCia. Z: 99. iI lura ila, bis saxinta ila min JeroSaIajm. b-qela saxinta ila. 100. atta mU'mirru raba batej ~aroset. 101. avir dida bis qllwa ila, biS pajiixta i1a. 102. HCia qum ba~~ar i1a, talitta i1a xapca, - 48- Army Cities "I: 83. Have you ever traveled in Negev? I don't know Negev. Z: 84. Negev is a desert, too, now there are several cities in Negev.

S6let: pastry flour. semolina. Dar. explains that they make dajsa from rough flour, so in this context solet may mean also middling. 79. japrax: a dish common to Near East, cooked rice with mutton and raisins, wrapped in vine or cabbage

Qamaja wsoda qamesa seli, loiswa-Ii waoda glepinwa. 124. boiss bedi hedi xa ksami', jiiOni glajip s8mi? 125. jaqUrta ila, bAle hedi bedi glajip. 126. hesi lebi, boiss kxaswin zAkan psaknin piba waoda 'axxa, bedi bedi blepin-na. N: 127. malo ilu xaje go mikdss w-mato ile "sessiN"? Z: 128. sessin, 'aja-si I-nliqla qamesa xapca naxwas, lewa? 129. jliOni sessin b-zate jaq6ra ile, lewa? 130. glatwi raba gmache, 'aqlasa gmar'i, lewa? 131. boiss hedi bedi 'aja-si jROni kud mindi, j:i0ni milp6na ile. 132.

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