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By A. Bruce Carlson

Pay attention the paperback model of this e-book. i do not understand if all are doing this however the vendor i bought from (The publication Depository) despatched me the "international model" which it seems that has a little various content material than the "North American" model. Even worse, the again hide of the textual content explicitly states that this model shouldn't be offered in North the USA. As i bought this during the Amazon site, I carry Amazon at the least in part liable.

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The pulse in the figure is then written T centered Inserting v ( t ) in Eq. (4) yields = AT sinc fr so V(0) = A T , which clearly equals the pulse's area. The corresponding spectrum, plotted in Fig. 2-2, should be compared with Fig. 1-8 to illustrate the sirnilarities and differences between Line spectra and continuous spectra. Further inspection of Fig. 2-2 reveals that the significant portion of the spectrum is in the range If \ < 117 since ~ ( f ) < (< IV(O)( for (f1 > 117. " Now if the pulse duration is reduced (small T), the frequency width is increased, whereas increasing the duration reduces the spectral width.

JOO . +A - e-j6e-ju~ 2 so we now have apnir of conjugate phasors. The corresponding phasor diagram and line spectrum are shown in Fig. 2 . 1 4 . The phasor diagram consists of two phasors with equal lengths but opposite angles and directions of rotation. The phasor sum always falls along the real axis to yield A cos (mot + 4). The amplitude spectrum has even symmetry while the phase spectrum has odd symmetry because we are dealing with conjugate phasors. This symmetry appears more vividly in Fig.

1 still taking r/TO = f0 T = 114 ( 2 ~ l m ) ( s irnl41. n Thus A ~ ( t= ) -+ 4 SO Line Spectra and Fourier Series c0 = A14 and 1 2 4 = (2Al4) Isinc n/4/ = V ~ COS A Uo t + A d 2A COS 20, t + -COS 30, t f 7 3%%- Summing terms through the third harmonic gives the approximation of u(t) sketched in Fig. 1-9n. This approximation contains the gross features of the pulse train but lacks sharp comers. A more accurate approximation shown in Fig. 1-9b comprises all components through the seventh harmonic.

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