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6 meters a day. Finally, according to a CBS News report on Feb 7 of 2011, the Russian team had to stop, just 29 meters short of reaching the liquid water below. To some, that was a relief instead of a pity because if the Russian scientists were able to break through the ice and leave it open unattended, the hole would freeze up again and outside materials would have been introduced, unattended, into the pristine water underneath when they would return the following year. Return they did. In the warmest month of the year in the following year, in the January of 2012, the Russian scientists finally broke through into the lake, finishing off what they left off the previous year, presenting Putin with a sample of the lake water.

As far as scientific evidence is concerned, global warming is a conclusion that the majority of researchers working in the field agree upon. The real question is: what is causing it? One obvious suspect is the consumption of fossil fuel. Below in Fig. gov/ftp/ndp030/CSV-FILES/) Fig. 13 Annual burning of fossil fuels rises from almost zero in 1750 to seven billion metric tons per year in 2000. All the carbon dioxide we added to the atmosphere is still in the atmosphere, minus some that has been dissolved in the ocean.

6, the carbon dioxide concentration seems to be in locked-steps with the temperature curve, but which one is leading the other is not precisely clear (depending on which section you are looking at). If we take a detailed look at an expanded view of the most recent 50,000 years of the graph, as shown in Fig. 9 below, the correlation between the atmospheric carbon dioxide and the temperature is even more obvious: Fig. 9 It is basically the same graph as the one shown in Fig. 6, but just zooming in on the most recent 50,000 years.

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