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By J. M. Lybyer

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In CliffsNotes on Victory, you find considered one of Joseph Conrad's most intricate characters, Axel Heyst, a guy who has withdrawn from lifestyles, and during situation, has come to reside in isolation on an island -- until eventually he meets the attractive Lena and falls deeply in love along with her. What follows is a sad story in an unique atmosphere that simply Joseph Conrad may tell.

Chapter summaries and commentaries take you thru Conrad's memorable novel, and important essays assist you comprehend constitution and symbolism of the unconventional. different good points that assist you learn include

  • A common precis of the advanced plot of the novel
  • Analyses of every of the most characters
  • A part of evaluate questions

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As Lena droops over him, closer and closer, he asks her if she would be up to sticking a man with a knife. " she whispers. " Now the sting of death is in her hands. She allows the dagger to slip through the folds of her dress out of sight. She assures Ricardo that she will do anything he likes. He asks for her foot and she gives it. Ricardo falls to kissing her ankle. Then, suddenly, Ricardo feels himself spurned by the foot. He looks up to see Heyst standing in the door. The brief report of a shot stuns him for an instant.

SCHOMBERG Did not his malicious gossip provide the pivotal force of the novel, Schomberg would scarcely be worthy of a detailed characterization. His deadly mixture of cowardice and malignant hatred reminds the reader of Cornelius, a character in one of Conrad's earlier novels, Lord Jim. Too abject to fight or even to defend himself and his table-d'hote from Jones and Ricardo, he nevertheless manages to precipitate the bloody climax of the story. Conrad makes much of Schomberg's German ancestry.

He stops suddenly with the thought that one who feels as he does has no business to live. Since this doubt is a new one, it cannot be doubt of Lena or any other person. He has always doubted and mistrusted everyone. No, this new doubt can be only of one kind--doubt of himself and his own philosophy of life. Thus Heyst's final statement to Davidson is motivated: ". . " With his isolationist philosophy toppling about him, Axel Heyst cannot go on living because he can look forward to NOTHING. com By such subtleties as these, Conrad entices his readers and challenges their powers of reason.

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