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By Sharon Wesoky

Analyzing chinese language family in addition to foreign conditions surrounding the emergence of an self sustaining women's flow in Beijing within the Nineteen Nineties, this ebook seeks to give an explanation for how this kind of circulate may have arisen after the repression of pupil activists in Tiananmen sq. in 1989. It additionally locations this emergence within the context of theories of social activities, civil society and globalization.

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While one contribution of POS theories is to show the reasons that even groups lacking extensive resources of their own are sometimes able to mobilize for collective action (see Tarrow 1994), the question is still left open as to what strategies are available to such groups, and if such strategies are available in non-democratic contexts in particular. While it may be possible, especially in the heat of a protest cycle's peak, to get many people to participate in demonstrations without possessing great financial means, there are other types of action which may require resources more economic in nature.

At the same time, movements also participate in "processes through which culture is adapted, framed, and reframed through public discourse, persuasive communication, consciousness raising, political symbols, and icons" (Johnston and Klandermans 1995, p. 5). This is eminently conspicuous in the efforts of most women's movements to change underlying patriarchal social structures, and the Chinese women's movement is no exception-and this includes an expansion in the movement's "issue agenda7'(McCarthy, Smith, and Zald 1996, p.

The three typical levels of analysis of social movement analysis, "political opportunities," "framing processes," and "mobilizing structures," correspond with the levels of state, culture, and society in theorizing about globalization. When connecting analyses of globalization to social movement theory in this way, the question thus arises of how transnational ties influence or alter each of these variables in domestic contexts. A vital part of the explanation for the development of the Chinese women's movement in the 1990s connects to processes of globalization, and attention to these processes is generally an important amendment to promote in social movement theory.

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