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Once more James Allen instructs us on the way to increase our lifestyles and religious health throughout the energy of optimistic considering. He teaches us find out how to see what's in entrance folks and never rush via it. There are a mess of possibilities for us all and this ebook might help ensure you do not leave out them. existence is stuffed with beginnings. they're provided on a daily basis and each hour to each individual. such a lot beginnings are small, and seem trivial and insignificant, yet actually they're an important issues in life.-James Allen

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And he drew his sword, thinking to slay Brahmadatta. But, remembering how his father had taught him never to seek revenge but to forgive to the uttermost, he sheathed his sword. 47 JAMES ALLEN BYWAYS TO BLESSEDNESS At last the king awoke out of a disturbed sleep, and the youth inquired of him why he looked so frightened. “My sleep”, said the king “is always restless, for I frequently dream that I am in the power of young Dirghayu and that he is alone to slay me. While lying here I again dreamed that with greater vividness than ever before and it has filled me with dread and terror.

No man can sacrifice an error until he first of all confess (to himself) “Iam in error;” when, yielding it up, he will perceive and receive the truth which his error formerly obscured. “The kingdom of heaven cometh not by observation,” and the silent sacrifice of self for the good of others, the daily giving up of one’s egotistic tendencies, is not seen and rewarded of men, and brings no loud blazon of popularity and praise. 34 JAMES ALLEN BYWAYS TO BLESSEDNESS It is hidden away from the eyes of all the world, nay, even from the gaze of those who are nearest to you, for no eyes of flesh can perceive its spiritual beauty.

He had been taught to regard lying as wrong, and his conscience bore out that teaching, but he believed that it brought to him profit, proesperity and happiness, and that honesty would bring him loss, poverty, and misery - in a word, he regarded lying, deep in his heart, as the right thing to do, and honesty as the wrong practice. He had no knowledge whatever of the real nature of the act of lying: how it is, on the instant of its committal, loss of character, loss of self-respect, loss of power, usefulness, and influence, and loss of blessedness; and how it unerrinngly leads to loss of reputation and loss of material profit and prosperity.

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