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This paintings indicates how Buddhism has been as deeply suffering from the USA as the United States has been stricken by it. Buddhism is among the world's oldest and such a lot widely-practiced faiths, yet in the USA it has a comparatively brief historical past. This paintings explores how Asian immigrants have introduced Buddhism to the United States.

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B u d d h i s m i n A m e r i c a n C u lt u r e 53 to Soka Gakkai and practice Nichiren Buddhism. Hancock said in a 2002 television interview that he is drawn to Buddhism’s “sense of reexamining conventional ways of doing things”—an important goal for many Buddhist artists. ) The impact of religion in Turner’s life was clear in the 1993 biographical film What’s Love Got to Do With It. Turner, played in the film by Angela Bassett, is seen chanting at her own FINDING THE BUDDHA IN M USIC Peter Hata is a JapaneseAmerican Jodo Shinshu Buddhist and a musician.

I saw art not as something that consisted of a communication from the artist to an audience, but rather as an activity of sounds in which the artist found a way to let the sounds be themselves. ) Many people thought Cage’s Buddhist-inspired work was meaningless or a deliberate attempt to upset them. Years later, however, critics and scholars appreciated his intent. 1937) studied yoga and Buddhist meditation and applied what he learned to his approach to music. Glass’s music has been called minimalist, with certain musical patterns repeated over and over.

He has taught classes in California that help young Japanese Americans see the link between Buddhism and music. He explores traditional Japanese musical forms, such as taiko—a form of drumming—and chanting. He also tries to show how Buddhism can influence modern Western music. ” In a similar way, enlightenment comes through deep study of meditation and the dharma. Hata’s goal is to help a new generation of Japanese Americans blend their Buddhist culture with the larger American culture. small Buddhist altar.

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