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This quantity offers unprecedented technical research of a desirable plane. It information the aircrafts cutting edge engineering, McDonnell Douglas layout of the Big-Wing Harrier and its ideas to tough difficulties, strive against within the Falklands, Marine AV-8 Harriers, and extra.

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Among these were the lack of electronic countermeasures equipment and secure voice radios. Apparently DoD management agreed, and a C1LOP (conversion in lieu of procurement) program was authorized for all remaining AV-8As. The Americans did not like the positioning of the GR3 RWR antennas, and opted instead to locate them in the tail stinger, wingtips, and nose. Most of the lift improvement devices (LID) developed during the AV-8B program were added to the aircraft to improve VTO performance. 95 camera, RAT, and ARC-150 radio.

The pressure relief (also known as "suck-in") doors around the air intake were one of the keys to the Harrier's success as a V/STOL aircraft. These doors provided extra airflow during hover without creating extra drag during high-speed flight. The Pegasus "cold" nozzle under the wing leading edge is fully horizontal. Markings on the fuselage provide reference for the nozzle's angle. (Mick Roth) 34 - - WARBIRDTECH Like the GR1, the AV-BA suffered from too little air conditioning capacity, making it an uncomfortable aircraft to fly in warmer climates.

A. Mark 2 (Fighter Attack). 75-inch plug in the fuselage behind the wing to provide an extra equipment bay. This was accomplished by installing an entirely new rear fuselage instead of just extending the existing fuselage, mainly because numerous hairline cracks were found in the original structures. Subtle changes were also made to the inner one-third of the wing, including an additional fence, a kinked leading edge, and the deletion of the dog-tooth and one of the 12 vortex generators. Two BAe 125-600B business jets were modified for use as an avionics testbed for the Blue Vixen radar.

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