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Auxiliary inlet spill door The Aeroplane 51 auxiliary inlet At take-off, because the engines need all the air they can get, ramps are fully up, and the auxiliary inlet is open. By about Mach 0-7, the auxiliary inlet will be closed, and above Mach 1-3 the ramps come into play, lowering to form a series of shock waves starting from the bottom lip of the intake. These have the effect of slowing the air down. By the time Mach 2 has been reached, the ramps have moved over half of their possible the shock waves travel.

Both of these requirements dictate an engine of low by-pass ratio. All modern subsonic airliners use engines of high by-pass ratio. These have a number of advantages, including their com. by-passed air by-passed air Fan-jet (high by-pass ratio) engine parative quietness, because their huge fans, acting like propel- move a large mass of air slowly, whereas a pure jet smaller mass of air faster. lers, moves a 50 Flying Concorde 'S^ff^r-^ Pure jet (low by-pass ratio) engine As the major component of aircraft noise comes from the mixing of the exhaust with the static air outside (a 'tearing' effect), the disadvantages of the pure jet are obvious, but there was no choice.

This is a bonus for the pilot, for large trim changes are a nuisance, tending to make accurate flying difficult. Another bonus comes, oddly enough, from being able to put the aeroplane this in high-speed flight, 42 Flying Concorde out of trim. On take-off and landing, the placed slightly further back than it need be. As a result the elevons go down to counteract this rearward weight shift, and in doing so increase the camber of the wing. We have now come round full-circle to achieving the effect of flaps - producing more lift for the slow-speed portions of the flight - without the weight penalty of fitting any mechanical extensions to the wing.

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