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By Samuel L. Broadnax

On the age of seventeen, Samuel L. Broadnax, enamored with flying, enlisted and proficient as a pilot on the Tuskegee military Air Base. even supposing he left the Air Corps on the finish of the second one global conflict, his reports encouraged him to speak with different pilots and black pioneers of aviation. Blue Skies, Black Wings recounts the background of African american citizens within the skies from the very beginnings of manned flight.From Charles Wesley Peters, who flew his personal airplane in 1911, and Eugene Bullard, a black American pilot with the French in global battle I, to the 1945 Freeman box mutiny opposed to segregationist regulations within the Air Corps, Broadnax paints a brilliant photo of the folks who fought oppression to make the skies their very own. (20080325)

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An early pilot himself, Powell also founded a club called Craftsmen of Black Wings to train aviation mechanics and pilots under a federal educational program in Los Angeles and in New York. 8 Then there was the critical flight of Chauncey E. Spencer and Dale L. C. Spencer and White had made many other flights around the country to promote black events and Spencer had made parachute jumps at air shows. This particular flight may have been the catalyst that cracked open the door to the soon-tobe-enacted CPTP to blacks.

Wiley joined the all-black 99th and in June 1944, the mayor of Pittsburgh gave him the key to the city for his exploits. Marshall Fields, William Edwards, and Mary Parker finished the program with Parker punctuating her achievement by becoming the first black female pilot to solo in a seaplane from the Kanawha River in 1941. Art Barnes, a Pittsburgh native, learned to fly as a result of his after-school job, refueling seaplanes at a base on the Allegheny River. 2 There were many other blacks who had mastered the air, and, then batonlike, passed their enthusiasm on to others.

Ely, concluded that Negro men themselves believed they were inferior to white men and that they were naturally subservient and lacked initiative and resourcefulness. S. Supreme Court in Plessy versus Ferguson. 13 In fact, only in 1954 did the high court finally move to strike down its “separate-but-equal” doctrine. What the AWC and the War Department studiously ignored was the fact that Negroes had been involved in every battle in which the United States had ever been engaged. There was first Crispus Attucks, one of the leaders in the mob opposing the British and one of the first to be killed in the 1770 Boston massacre when the British Redcoats fired into the crowd.

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