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By Niven McCrie, Richard Noske

* New and exact info at the neighborhood distribution of the entire region’s birds, with a map for every customary species
* New and exact info at the seasonal prevalence and breeding cycle of those birds
* unique photos of virtually all widespread species, with photographs of nests and eggs or younger of chosen species
* An annotated checklist of vagrant species

Birds of the Darwin Region is the 1st complete remedy of the avifauna of Darwin, a urban situated in Australia’s monsoon tropics, the place seasons are outlined by way of rainfall instead of through temperature. With its mangrove-lined bays and creeks, tidal mudflats, monsoon rainforests, savannah woodlands and freshwater lagoons, Darwin has retained all of its unique habitats in near-pristine , and is domestic or host to 323 fowl species. in contrast to different Australian towns, it has no validated unique fowl species.

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