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By A. Locker (auth.), A. Locker (eds.)

In 1963, 1965 and 1967 "Symposia on Quantitative Biology of Metabolism" have been geared up at the lovely island of Helgoland (Biologische Anstalt) by means of me in col­ laboration with O. KINNE and F. KROGER. regrettably this important method in the direction of bringing jointly students in a standard means ceased, more often than not for monetary purposes, even supposing the necessity for and curiosity in meetings like those for the alternate of principles on distinctive themes unchangeably persists. So I needed to search for different percentages and considered one of them used to be to attempt to rearrange the same con­ ference lower than the auspices of NASA. This establishment, notwithstanding, finally re-. handled, even supposing in the course of my dialogue with its representatives a brand new targeted topic received form. this can be the subject to which this quantity is dedicated: Bio­ genesis. it's also taken care of in a brand new manner that most likely can be a version for. related undertakings: a symposium through correspondence. during this new method of medical details trade, manuscripts have been accrued by way of the editor and despatched to each contributor for his reviews. the writer may well then answer by way of a concluding comment. So, generally very worthy principles in regards to the issues of the various papers should be amassed and it truly is to be was hoping that this technique has conferred upon this quantity a definite distinctiveness. after all, I needed to notice the contract with Springer-Verlag to not exceed the level of the amount distributed to us.

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Cohen The notion of optimality in evolution, following the Darwinian process of the "Survival of the fittest", is very useful when attempting to understand the way living organisms are built and behave. One has only to think of the many beautiful and precise adaptations to their environment which living organisms demonstrate. If we try to consider every species as being the product of a long process of evolution by natural selection, there are often, however, many cases where the performance of some particular structure or behaviour is obviously far from maximal.

A theory along similar lines was communicated to the author by M. EIGEN (12) ). Instead of numbering the genotypes Xl' ... X N we can also write X(gl' ... • gn are the gene variables. •. • gn) that is analogous to a potential function in deterministic vector fields on a manifold. In genetics it is known as a fitness function. The dynami cs of the process is such that X (g + b g) increases if V is larger at g + og than at g. It decreases if V is smaller at g + 6g. The competitive success of genotype depends here only upon V and not upon the concentrations of other genotypes.

J. : An Evolution- Type Search Method for Convex Sets, Techn. , Contr. Nonr 222 (85) &3656 (08), Berkeley, 1964. 9. , CALLAHAN, A. and FOGEL, L. J. ), Biophysics and Cybernetic Systems, p. C. Spartan, 1965. 10. , FEIN, L. B. 3, Washington, D. , Spartan, 1966. 11. : The Undecidable, Basic Papers on Undecidable Propositions, Unsolvable Problems and Computable Functions, New York, Daven Press, Hewl ett, 1965. 12. : Private Communication, August 1970 (now appeared in: Naturwiss. 58, 465 (1971). 13.

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