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By Marlies Klemisch-Ahlert

In the 1st a part of this publication bargaining experiments with assorted monetary and moral frames are investigated. The distributive rules and norms the topics observe and their justifications for those rules are evaluated. The bargaining approaches and the ensuing agreements are analyzed. within the moment half diverse bargaining theories are provided and the corresponding options are axiomatically characterised. A bargaining notion with ambitions that rely on financial and moral good points of the bargaining state of affairs is brought. Observations from the experimental information bring about the tips for the axiomatic characterization of a bargaining answer with goals.

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First, we deal with a phenomenon of agreements allocating non strongly Pareto optimal payoff pairs. We investigate the arguments the subjects use in the discussions with their group partner when they decide upon their offers. From the bargaining behavior in some of the games we can conclude that envy plays a role. The effect of envy is due to a certain power of the equal payoff principle. In some experiments this principle was not dominated by a collective efficiency principle defined by the strong Pareto efficiency in payoffs.

We have chosen this method to analyse the relations between the shapes of the situations of our experiments, represented by the truncation levels of the payoff sets, and variables like payoff pair of the agreements and 28 aspiration levels like planned bargaining goals. We do not expect linear relationships between these variables, but we expect some monotonicity relations. Since we do not have information on the distribution of the variables, we do not want to assume a certain type of distribution.

The values of variables of the experiment with quiz also occur in situations without quiz. Therefore, an influence of the quiz results on these variables cannot be assumed. One reason for the fact that the quiz results were not mentioned in the discussions to justify claims or plans may be the following. Since one person had been successful in the test without any effort, simply by making no cross, a large number of points obviously was not necessarily the result of hard work. The intended effect of making a contribution by being good in microeconomics was disturbed.

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