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By Pablo Amaringo, Luis Luna, Luis Eduardo Luna

The mythologies and cosmology of Amazonian shamanism materialize in fabulous style and color during this precise, large-format quantity, representing the fruit of a number of years of collaboration among a Peruvian people artist/shaman and a Colombian anthropologist/filmmaker.

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According to Amazon legend this yakuruna comes out to feed between midnight and dawn. If he is captured by a vegetalista he must then stay and live here on the earth plane and teach how to hunt in the waters. The yakuruna lying back in his hammock is called the yana-sacraruna [sacra = evil, runa = people, yana = black]. This type of yakuruna is so named because it is a practitioner of black magic. His sole purpose is to kill, and he takes great pleasure in causing riverbanks to collapse. This yana-sacraruna is an ally of the sorcerers.

And the chiriksanango [Brunfelsia grandiflora Behind is the magnificent prince Tabal in a dress decorated with silky feathers and with a gilded, double-edged sword as plume. Also present are two women called cuayacunas or caressing women. At their side is an extraterrestrial ship from Ganymede with a magic ladder by which the crew may disembark. In the upper part of the centre section is a native Cocama who exercises his powers of traditional medicine. Below him is a guru, a master of sublime extrasensory perception in the temples of Krishna, purifying his soul with transcendental meditation of the sixth sense.

A queen and her court-ladies observe all this activity. This happens in Callisto, a satellite of Jupiter. To their right is a monument honouring Hashi, a great juggler. ], an Inca called Yana-huya. The person who ingests this plant is able to summon the rain or keep it from falling. VISION 19 THE WORLD OF THE YAKURUNA In this vision we see a grove of golden trees supporting serpent-hammocks of beautiful color, upon which rest the yakunma. The yakuruna in the foreground is the masha yakuruna, an ally of the murayas, teaching them how to rescue people lost in the watery depths.

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