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Keep making small adjustments until all arrows hit in a straight, horizontal line. After you shoot the horizontal line, shoot the vertical line. Shoot six arrows at the line from top to bottom. If all your arrows hit the line, you have a good tune. If the arrows line up in a zigzag pattern, adjust the center shot. For a right-handed shooter, move the plunger out about half a turn and re-shoot the line. You should never move the plunger more than an eighth of an inch off center. If you have to move it farther than an eighth of an inch, check to make sure you are shooting the right arrows or adjust the poundage to get the arrow spine to match the poundage.

Expansion is the process of continuing to increase the balanced forces of the bow-arm triceps and LAN 2 in the same direction as transfer through the release and follow-through. Expansion is in the same direction of movement as transfer, but it will be a smaller, more internal movement. Intermediate- and higher-level archers should be using a clicker, a simple device that makes a small click when the arrow is pulled to the farthest position, just before releasing. The farther the bow is drawn, the more energy is put into the arrow upon release.

This body alignment should be a straight line for optimal stability and strength and is set from the rotation of your torso at the setup position. Do not make the mistake of trying to achieve this alignment by rolling your shoulder in. To create bone-on-bone alignment on your bow shoulder, the head of your humerus must remain in the glenoid socket. Rotating your shoulder in moves the head of your humerus out of the glenoid socket and prevents bone-on-bone contact, meaning you have to rely on your shoulder muscles to maintain your bow arm.

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