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By Sheila Jeffreys

The sexual revolution of the 1960's and 1970's is mostly thought of a time while the women's flow made nice strides. during this provocative booklet, Sheila Jeffreys argues that this a lot heralded sexual freedom didn't represent any actual achieve for girls yet persisted the culture in their oppression. on the root of sexual liberation, Jeffreys unearths an expanding eroticization of energy changes in the heterosexual, lesbian, and homosexual communities.

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At first sight this does not look controversial, but when we look at the battle in more detail it looks less and less like a jousting match between the knights of darkness and the defenders of freedom. The much-vaunted great works of literature and sexual openness that the contest centred upon were, according to their admirers, simply telling the truth about sex. Those who opposed such work, they averred, simply objected to and were afraid of sex. This was in the days before the development of a feminist critique of pornography.

Patient: 'I don't see how. , p. 15. , p. 24. ' Doctor to Mother: 'She's in good condition now. '87 The preparation of this young woman for her role as an efficient hole for her husband seems to have taken place in direct opposition to her will. THE SINGLE WOMAN In the 1950s single women were expected to be sexually inactive. Sex-advice books assumed that only married women could be sexually active, and then only with their husbands; lesbianism was condemned on the rare occasions on which it was mentioned.

The script laid out in them was, I suggest, the script that was largely followed in the 'sexual revolution' that was to follow. Attention paid to deciphering the sexual script set out here helps to clarify how 'sexual liberation' failed to be the liberation of women. Rembar, that lionheart of defence lawyers, believed that breaking down obscenity law would allow 'truth' to prevail. e. the right to freedom of speech enshrined in the US constitution. The anti-censors have always argued that their fight for sexual literature was a fight for the freedom to speak about socialism too.

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