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These include egg laying in drier habitats, including trees, rather than in aquatic habitats; bypassing the larval stage via direct development of eggs into miniature versions of adults; and even live-bearing in select species. In fact, the diversity of reproductive modes is greater among amphibians than other vertebrate groups. herbivorous describes animals that eat plants carnivorous describes animals that eat other animals All amphibians are carnivorous, with the exception of larval frogs (tadpoles), which are primarily herbivorous.

Allometry The relationship of the growth of one part of an organism to the growth of another part or the growth of the whole organism is called allometry. The term also applies to the measure and study of such growth relationships. ” Isometric growth, where the various parts of an organism grow in one-to-one proportion, is rare in living organisms. If organisms grew isometrically, young would look just like adults, only smaller. In contrast, most organisms grow non-isometrically; the various parts and organisms do not increase in size in a one-to-one ratio.

These laws regulate animal experimentation and the treatment of animals by medical research facilities, slaughterhouses, and circuses, as well as people such as animal dealers who use animals as a source of livelihood. Protection of animals. Many groups concerned with the treatment and welfare of animals still believe in the superiority of humans and the right to use other living creatures to meet human needs. However, in 1975, the Australian philosopher Peter Singer argued that animals are entitled to live free from the infliction of pain and suffering, whether from animal experimentation, the raising of animals for food, or other causes.

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