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Association formation n o w depends not just on the levels of concurrent activation in the C S and U S nodes but also on the effects of a modulatory process, deter­ mined by the past history of the C S as a predictor of USs o f t h a t type, that acts on the link between them. 2. T h e question raised there was w h y it should be that flavor aversions can be acquired with ease, even w h e n C S and U S are widely separated in time. T h e issue essentially concerns selectivity in association formation— w h y should it be that the US-induced illness becomes associated with a flavor consumed hours earlier rather than with the other events (such as those involved in administering the US) that occur much closer in time to the US?

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B r a n d o n , S. E. (1989). Evolution of a structured connectionist model of Pavlovian conditioning ( A E S O P ) . In S. B. Klein & R. R. ), Contemporary learning theories: Pavlovian conditioning and the status of traditional learning theory (pp. 1 4 9 189). Hillsdale, NJ: E r l b a u m . Wagner, A. , & Larew, M . B. (1985). O p p o n e n t processes and Pavlovian inhibition. In R. R. Miller & N . E. ), Information processing in animals: Conditioned inhibition (pp. 2 3 3 - 2 6 5 ) . Hillsdale, NJ: E r l b a u m .

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