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You hear shots outside and rush to the window. The stable grounds are swarming with angry redcoats. “There’s no time to talk now,” you say. ” “Let’s go out the back door,” says the woman. ” Shots explode downstairs. The four of you reach the back door just as a redcoat kicks it open in your face! You go flying hard against the wall. Your breath is slammed from your lungs. You have a tough time getting it back. Things get hazy and start going around in circles. You’re vaguely aware of the children darting into another room.

You break through the surface. Air! It never felt so good before. You manage to take in a few gulps before a cannonball slams a direct hit on the canoe. The water churns with the force of the hit. You duck below the surface and swim around until you reach some of the floating debris. You grab a plank of wood and use it to buoy yourself upwards. You pull yourself through the surface and try to get your bearings. Other men hold onto other segments of the canoe. In the distance looms a small fleet of British war vessels.

Here. Drink some of this,” you say, handing him the canteen. He drinks deeply, nearly choking. ” he asks between swigs. ” You tell him. The youth stares off into the forest. Something in his eyes indicates he isn’t quite as inexperienced as he was during your first encounter. ” He takes another swig. “What you’d said to me finally sank in. Maybe this is war! I suppose I followed the redcoat to find out if it really was. ” You put your hand on his shoulder. ” He touches his breast. “I feel it here.

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