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Masking 580 species present in the U.S. and Canada west of the a centesimal Meridian, the American Museum of normal historical past Birds of North the United States Western Region is the one consultant to exploit a completely built-in photographic method of profile the extreme variety of birds mostly visible west around the nice Plains and West Coast.

Ideal for birdwatchers and chook fans of all ages, and together with info on habit, nesting, and habitat, the American Museum of usual historical past Birds of North the USA Western Region comprises exact sections on species stumbled on simply within the Southwest and for species which are unusual or quite restricted in distribution.

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30 Found in the northern and central Rocky Mountains in Canada and US in high or mid-altitude open forests and shrublands. Typically uses older, denser, mixed, or evergreen forests at higher elevations in winter, more open-country, lighter forests at lower elevations in summer. 3kg) Social Solitary/Winter flocks Lifespan Up to 14 years Status Localized DATE SEEN WHERE NOTES 29 GAMEBIRDS Order Galliformes Family Phasianidae Sooty Grouse Species Dendragapus fuliginosus dark cheek patch above pale throat heavily mottled barred tail with gray tip deep-red wattle yellow air sacs on side of neck MALE FEMALE IN FLIGHT dark upperparts gray band at tip of tail dark brown back small bill MALE (WINTER; NON-DISPLAYING) dark underparts short, stiffly curved wings FLIGHT: rapid takeoff when pursued; short MALE (DISPLAY) initial burst followed by flap-and-glide sequence.

NOISY TAKEOFF When the Gray Partridge takes flight its wings make a loud, whirring sound. 419 buffy throat and face white streaks on rusty red body white face edged in black Primarily agricultural fields of crops including corn, wheat, and oats, as well as associated hedgerows and fallow grasslands. Most birds are nonmigratory, but there is some movement by eastern birds after breeding. red bill black barring on white flanks Length 11–13in (28–33cm) Wingspan 17–20in (43–51cm) Weight 12–18oz (350–500g) Social Family groups Lifespan Up to 4 years Status Secure DATE SEEN 36 WHERE NOTES GAMEBIRDS Order Galliformes Family Phasianidae Species Phasianus colchicus Ring-necked Pheasant pale brown body MALE long tail iridescent ear tufts green-black head short, round wings pale rump bold black markings white neck ring FEMALE pointed tail red face wattles orangecopper flanks IN FLIGHT FEMALE MALE (DARK FORM) iridescent bronze sheen long, pointed tail FLIGHT: bursts vertically from cover on loud barred underparts rapid wing beats; levels off, flaps, then glides.

In winter, mostly found on lakes, marshes, and along rivers. MOTTLED DUCK 1 olive to yellow bill thicker, longer bill buffier face whitish tail Length 18 –221⁄2in (46 – 57cm) Wingspan 33in (84cm) Weight 18 – 45oz (500 –1,250g) Social Winter flocks Lifespan Up to 19 years Status Secure DATE SEEN 46 WHERE NOTES WATERFOWL Order Anseriformes Family Anatidae Species Anas americana American Wigeon MALE (BREEDING) white underwing patch IN FLIGHT long, pointed tail rufous-edged wing feathers gray head dark smudge around eye narrow, black line along bill gray head contrasts with pinkish brown breast and flanks warm brown breast and flanks FEMALE cream forehead and crown green band from eye to nape MALE (BREEDING) blacktipped bill black rump pinkish brown flanks O ften found in mixed flocks with other ducks, the American Wigeon is a common and widespread, medium-sized dabbling duck.

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