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It was this feeling that there was something evil, something POISONOUS lurking on the Isle of Berk. And that something really terrible was going to happen... sometime soon... 8. MEANWHILE, IN A CAVERN DEEP, DEEP UNDERGROUND Meanwhile, in a Cavern deep, deep underground, a small Deadly Nadder was crying for its mother. It had wandered away from its home in the cosy tunnels of the Dragon Nursery, and lost itself in the maze of the Caliban Caves below. Gradually, as it flapped frantically down wrong turning after wrong turning, the happy hissings and squawkings of its fellow dragons had grown fainter and fainter.

The Skullions were now so close behind them that they could hear the horrible snotty snuffling noises they were making in their noses and the clicking of their teeth. Hiccup reached the brow of the dunes and launched himself off it in a huge jump on to the sand below. He landed okay, but tripped over his too-large Stretchapoint sword. He rolled over on to his back to look up at the ghastly sight of a gigantic slobbering Skullion, claws outstretched, leaping right on top of him. Its great head was just inches above Hiccup's face.

He hurried away to wash it off. Toothless, who had been hunting rats through the ferns, came and perched on Hiccup's shoulder. He had the giggles. ' scolded Hiccup. 'That's revolting and. unkind. ' 'H-h-his a BAD MAN,' replied Toothless. ' asked Hiccup in surprise. ' 'S-s-suit yourself,' shrugged Toothless, checking out his wings for dragonfleas. ' Hiccup started nervously. Outcasts were Vikings who were so vicious, so terrible and sneaking and burglarous, that they had been cast out of regular Viking society, and had formed an extraordinarily ferocious Tribe of their own.

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