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By Agnes Martin, Dieter Schwarz

Agnes Martin's summary works adhere to no catalogue of ideas yet seem in its place as contemplative, intuitive symptoms. Her "floating abstractions," during which traces and loose bands of colour emerge virtually imperceptibly, should be reproduced simply with hassle. Her writings, at the different hand--although not at all meant as programmatic statements--offer beneficial readability concerning her personal works and poetic perception approximately paintings mostly. on the grounds that its unique booklet in 1991, this quantity of Martin's writings has been a primary rfile for libraries of artists, creditors, and critics. instead of making a choice on herself together with her Minimalist friends, Martin has aligned herself with the traditional Greeks, Egyptians, and chinese language, saying that "the functionality of paintings is . . . the renewal of thoughts of moments of perfection." together with illustrations of her works, those texts--including lectures, tales recorded by means of critic Ann Wilson, passages ostensibly prepared in associative sequences, and "fragmentary ideas"--form an eloquent artist's assertion through the author of "silent paintings."

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Yo u may as well go ahead with as little resistance as possible - and eat everything on your plate. Going on without resistance or notions is called discipline. Going on where hope and desire have been left behind is discipline. Going on in an impersonal way without personal considerations is called a discipline. Not thinking, planning, scheming is a discipline. Not caring or striving is a discipline. Defeated, you will rise to yo ur feet as is said of Dry Bones. These bones will rise again. Undefeated you will have nothing to say but more of the same.

Without vision that is without exact awareness of our function we are discontented. When we are completely aware of our function we are contented. You can see that discontent is a positive state of mind urging us on to discover our function. Do not waste your feelings of discontent on society. When you feel discontented ask yourself "what do I want", "what do I really want". As soon as you ask yourself this question you will realize that discontent arises out of it. Your unwillingness to function may be so strong that you cannot even ask yourself this question, in which case you will seek help from others.

As we paint we move along step by step. We realize that we are guided in our work by awareness of life. We are guided to greater expression of awareness and devotion to life. We recognize the great exultation with life of great artists like Beethoven and we realize that all great artists praise and exult life. The life of an artist is completely unmaterialistic, because beauty and happiness and life are all the same and they are pervasive, unattached and abstract and they are our only concern. They are immeasurable, completely lacking in substance.

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