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During this available ebook, Gavin Kennedy takes a clean examine Adam Smith's ethical philosophy and its hyperlinks to his political economic system and his lectures on Jurisprudence. The publication presents a brand new research of Wealth of countries , and argues that Adam Smith's highbrow legacy used to be thoroughly reworked within the 19th and 20th centuries via economists pursuing assorted agendas, to create rules and rules that Smith didn't recommend. It additionally presents a brand new cause of the most mysteries approximately Smith's later lifestyles.

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1 We can only guess at the effect on him of this ill-considered censorship. Galileo's analogous treatment by the cardinals would not have been lost on Smith. Brought up in a Protestant Church, and in a country still embroiled in religious controversies with Rome, and with occasional unsettling disturbances over a deposed Catholic King, censorship was a bitter humiliation. For Smith to become a Philosopher he needed to be familiar with philosophical controversies, no matter the discomfort suffered by the guardians of opinionated orthodoxy.

First, there was his ability at 'short notice' to attend the official admittance ceremony in Glasgow on the Tuesday following the meeting that elected him. Second, the ritual for admittance to a professorship included his reading a 'dissertation' in Latin and it is most unlikely that he wrote it in the few days between receipt of the invitation on 101h January and his attendance at the inauguration on the 161h. He prepared his thesis, entitled 'De origine idearum' (The Origin of Ideas) in advance in anticipation of success, confirming that he focused on other things beyond his public lectures.

An ill professor occupying a coveted preferment was news in a society where the ambitious, as if carrying empty coffins on their backs, shuffled impatiently and stalked the dying. Craigie's indisposition continued over the summer months. Smith, prompted by his informers, wrote to the Clerk to the Senate (Professor Cullen) to say he was 'very glad' that Craigie had 'at last resolved to go to Lisbon' on sick leave. Smith did not have long to wait. On 11 September 17 51, the University re-allocated the indisposed Craigie's lectures, giving Professor Smith!

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