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By Juerg Rohrer

What drives us as humans? Why will we exist? What will we attempt for? This publication explains human improvement at the foundation of easily-understood examples and straightforward types. it really is meant to arouse brooding about your individual lifestyles and to provide aid as to how we will in particular swap our lives. the writer describes how we will be able to in achieving consistent concord and internal peace. the suitable selection and planned pursuing of our personal, self-selected objectives tackle a key position during this in order that we will be able to in achieving our personal ambitions and never allow ourselves be manipulated via others. This booklet indicates methods of accomplishing a existence jam-packed with that means, psychological tranquility and the enjoyment of dwelling. And this no longer as a few form of dropout from any type of civilization, yet quite within the middle of everyday life - and in addition not only in a different surroundings for a couple of weeks within the 12 months yet really in the course of our deepest and profes­sional daily lives as a totally basic person.

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We will come back to this later. We control our perception ourselves. What however has this digression into subjective perception got to do with personal development towards living the basic rights of existence? We set ourselves the question at the start as to how life confronts us with the respectively appropriate situations so that we can develop ourselves further. One such opportunity is subjective perception: If we wish to develop ourselves further towards living the basic rights of existence, if we strive for perpetual internal harmony, then our subconscious can hold up the «correct» glasses for every situation.

Such goals may be for example power over others, high standing in society or revenge for a particular event. With these goals too we develop the corresponding abilities over time, which we can represent in our model as a coloured sphere of light around us. To differentiate between the abilities we will however give this sphere other colours, for example red, green, blue or a mixture of these colours. If someone strives for several incompatible goals then the corresponding abilities will be developed as far as possible.

He makes no further progress. When making a decision we select one objective each time as a guideline for this decision. Our behaviour in a given situation is primarily determined by our current objective. In the example with the mountain peaks the person decides initially for example on goal C. In the next decision however we can already select again another goal as a guiding principle - in the above example the goal A. The currently-valid goal can therefore very quickly change. Our behaviour in a given situation is determined by our current goal.

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